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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Model Railroad Theme

I've devised a name for my model railroad empire (such as it is). The theme is urban industrial and the name of the branch is the Inter-Urban Industrial Line. Pretty generic, I know. But since this is a freelanced layout (not representing any particular "real" place), I thought I could exercise a little artistic license. The Inter-Urban Industrial color scheme is orange, black, and white. The following two pictures are the logo on black field and on orange field, respectively:

When applied to locomotives, the horizontal stripes exend the length of the cab.

The era I am modeling is the early '60s. Steam has been completely phased out so the loco' fleet is entirely diesel or diesel-electric. A future expansion will model an interchange with a Grand Trunk double-track main, so some loco's from other railroads may operate on the IUI.

Here's the complete track plan:
The 2' X 4' section in yellow is the future addition. The darker colored track near the top is hidden from view by buildings, backdrop, whatever. Structure placement and the layout of the downtown area on the right side is preliminary.

I still have to nail down the industries on the IUI. Some ideas include a pertroleum refinery, a couple of freight stations, a piano factory, a furniture factory, a brewery and/or bottling plant, a lumber yard, and distributers (in town) of fruit and bottled goods.

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