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By day I'm a propeller-head geek. I design software for electronic components for a major automotive supplier. When I'm not earning a paycheck, I enjoy playing music -- primarily jazz and classical but I dabble in other genres as well. I also compose, arrange, and play with electronic gadgets and toys. My other hobbies include photography, colored pencil drawing, genealogy, model railroading, and crosswords.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Today, I'm lamenting the fact that this blog has not been very interesting (totally boring is more like it). Creative juices have been flowing but not the kind that produce text of any sort.

I've spent quite a bit of time in the last six months thinking about and designing a modest model railroad layout. Construction will begin soon and I hope to have track laid and trains running before the New Year. My original plan occupied the entiure 19 feet of one wall in my finished basement. The final plan has been scaled back to 2' X 8' with accomodations for another 2' X 4' extention on an 'L'.

I've discovered a new addiction: Sudoku. It's a paper-and-pencil number placement game made popular by Nikoli publishing in Japan (though the game's roots are ancient). I obtained a book of 320 games, fairly evenly divided between easy, medium, hard, and extra hard puzzles. I can solve the easy puzzles in about 20 minutes. I've heard that expert solvers can complete a hard puzzle in about 10 minutes. I'll keep practicing.

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