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By day I'm a propeller-head geek. I design software for electronic components for a major automotive supplier. When I'm not earning a paycheck, I enjoy playing music -- primarily jazz and classical but I dabble in other genres as well. I also compose, arrange, and play with electronic gadgets and toys. My other hobbies include photography, colored pencil drawing, genealogy, model railroading, and crosswords.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wow - over two years since my last post here ... wondering if I really have anything to say. Maybe I'm just a little paranoid about putting myself too "out there" on the Web, afraid to voice a disagreeable opinion or to be judged in an unfavorable light. I've witnessed too many "flame wars" ignited and fueled by thoughtless comments and want no part of that childish game. So it's safer to remain a lurker in the shadows. But - what the hell? - nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Random thoughts for today:

I tried Twitter for a short time. I can see its appeal but I had little to say and became overwhelmed with the influx of short messages from those I was following. Tried TweetDeck to get some sort of grip on the volume but the whole thing just became a time vacuum. So I deleted my account and I haven't missed out on anything important yet.

I do have a presence on LinkedIn. My network isn't that big but the service does keep me connected to my career industry.

I uploaded a bunch of stuff to my photostream on flickr - mostly recent art work from my participation on wetcanvas.com.

The Inter-Urban Industrial has been disassembled and moved twice in the last two years. I need to get some new pictures up on Flickr.

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